Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Russia


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The “Red Square” next to the Kremlin at the heart of Moscow. Saint Basil’s Cathedral stands on the south side of this Square, that can not be omitted when you speak of the Russian history. Tsar Ivan IV who was called the “Ivan the Terrible” from his violent temper, constructed this cathedral to commemorate the victory over Mongolia in 1560. This is a cathedral for the Russian Orthodox Church and at the same time it is said to be a symbol of liberation from the Mongolians who had governed this land for a long time. The formal name is “Pokrovskiy Cathedral”, but since Saint Basil who had a strong influence over the Russian people was buried here, the present name has taken roots. Nine onion shaped roofs in various sizes are of a typical Russian design to let piling snow fall off. Today it is a popular museum and one of the UNESCO world heritages.



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