Timber Wolf


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The Timber Wolf (also: Grey Wolf) most closely fits the common image of a wolf. The wolf’s size and coloring may vary according to its habitat. Once found in many regions throughout the world, hunting, etc., has caused wolf numbers to dwindle and wolves have disappeared completely from many areas of the world. Timber wolves hunt small animals, such as hares and mice, etc., and also deer, etc. They will also eat plants such as berries, etc. They range widely, traveling at around 8km per hour as they hunt for food. In a single day, they may travel dozens of kilometers, sometimes 100 or more. They hunt in packs, some of which can be very large, and use cries, scent and other gestures to communicate with each other. The wolf’s howling is believed to be a means of locating other wolves and of announcing the wolf’s own location. The wolf is said to be the ancestor of man’s best friend, the dog.



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