Snowy Owl (Female)






Assembly InstructionsA4(8)






Assembly InstructionsLTR(8)



The snowy owl is covered in snow-white feathers. This large species of owl is mainly found in Arctic tundra areas. The snowy owl can rotate its head up to 270 degrees giving it an extremely wide range of vision.While the male is almost purely white, the female’s feathers are streaked with shades of black or brown. The female is also bigger than the male meaning that, unlike other owls, the snowy owl’s sex can be easily distinguished. Unlike most other owls, the snowy owl is active during daylight hours. Summer in the Arctic circle features nights of “midnight sun” , and the snowy owl, living in open areas such as tundras, grasslands, wetlands, or rocky areas, must hunt for prey from an elevated point with maximum vision of the area. For this reason, snowy owls are often very active during the day, even though hunting is commonly done in the mornings or evening. Their prey consists mostly of small rodents, but they occasionally feed on other birds too. This papercraft is about one half the size of a real snowy owl.


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