Sea Lion


PatternA4 (5)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (4)


PatternLTR (5)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (4)


Sea lion is the name given to sea-dwelling mammals belonging to the Otariidae family of the Pinnipedia superfamily. They are believed to be close relatives of the fur seal, Steller sea lion, and South American sea lion. Sea lions live in pods, and in the breeding season each male creates a “harem” with as many as ten female mates. The sea lion has a streamlined body which glides easily through the water, making them suited to marine life. They are known for being good swimmers, and swim by using their front flippers, in the same way as penguins and sea turtles. They can also bend their back flippers forward to walk upright, making them popular in shows at aquariums and the like. The head and flippers of this sea lion are movable, so you can have fun posing him however you like. You can also use the platform, ball, and other extra items to play with him in different ways!



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