PatternA4 (8)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (4)


PatternLTR (8)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (4)


Kangaroo’ is the collective term for marsupials belonging to the macropodidae family. Kangaroos live in Australia, inhabiting open areas such as grassy plains. Kangaroos and other marsupials differ from humans and animals such as cats and dogs in that they do not develop a placenta and thus can not bring up young in the uterus. Instead, they have a pouch in their belly which they use for gestation. The pouch contains teats from which the baby kangaroo, called a joey, receives milk for its growth. This paper craft is based on a type of kangaroo known as the red kangaroo. The coloring of the red kangaroo differs for males and females. The male is reddish-brown, while the female is a blue-grey color.



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