Green sea turtle


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Assembly InstructionsA4 (3)


PatternLTR (5)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (3)


The green sea turtle is the largest member of the cheloniidae family, with a shell that reaches between 70 and 100 cm in length, and a body weighing between 90 and 200 kg. It gets its name from the green coloring on the cartilage and the fat deposits around its internal organs, but overall it looks either a dark black-brown color or a yellowish green. It has an oval-shaped shell, and its head is relatively small and short. The green sea turtle inhabits waters in tropical and sub-tropical areas around the world, especially along continental coastlines or around islands. It is the only herbivorous turtle in the cheloniidae family, and lives mainly off sea grasses and flowering plant species that grow in the shallow waters of tropical and sub-tropical coastal regions. Green sea turtle numbers are decreasing in all areas of the world, and the species is in danger of extinction.



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