PatternA4 (9)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (6)


PatternLTR (9)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (6)


The peregrine falcon is a medium-size bird of prey about the size of a goshawk. Males are about 42 cm in length and females reach about 49 cm. They have black markings on the face that look like a moustache, blue-gray back and white underparts with grayish black horizontal stripes. They can be found throughout Europe, in Asia, Africa, Oceania, and North and South America. They fly extremely fast, diving at speeds of 200 km/h and sometimes reaching 300 km/h. They are said to dive faster than any other wild bird, and they use this speed to capture prey, feeding primarily on small and medium-size birds. This paper-craft falcon is half the size of a real falcon.



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