Common Kingfisher


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Assembly InstructionsLTR (4)


The common kingfisher is a small bird measuring around 17cm in length, that belongs to the Alcedinidae family of the Coraciiformes order. It inhabits coastal areas, rivers, ponds, lakes and marshes in Europe, India and southeast Asia, hunting for prey as it perches on a branch or rock at the water’s edge. Once it spots something to eat, it dives into the water and catches its prey using its long bill. The prey is then beaten against the branch or rock, and swallowed head first. Common kingfishers also hunt from the air, and have a very distinctive, high-pitched call that they let out, as they swiftly fly along the water’s surface. Their wings are beautifully glossy, and can appear blue or green, depending on the reflection of the light. Males are easy to distinguish from females, the male having a black bill and the female having a red lower bill.



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