Toy Poodle


PatternA4 (10)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (4)


PatternLTR (10)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (4)


Poodles have a curious and lively personality, but they are also shy and like to be pampered. Due to their smartness, poodles are used as narcotics search dogs while in France they are also used as truffle sniffers. They are divided into standard, medium, minitiaure and toy poodles depending on their size. Around the 15th Century, they were used for carrying water fowl and for hunting in and around water. The poodle’s distinctive appearance of shaved fur apart from the heart area protects the heart and gives agility in cold water. Nowadays, poodles are shaved in various styles for fashion purposes. This papercraft model recreates the smallest type “toy” poodle in teddy bear style.



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