Japanese Bobtail


PatternA4 (9)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (5)


PatternLTR (9)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (5)


The roots of the Japanese Bobtail can be traced to bobtailed cats that were brought to Japan from China over 1,000 years ago. After the Second World War, Americans began to take the cats home with them and, after improvements were made to the breed, the cats were established as bobtails and accepted for championship by the CFA in 1976. The Japanese Bobtail is characterized by its short, kinked tail (bobtail), roughly 7cm (3 inches) long. The Japanese Bobtail gene is recessive, which means that if either one of the parents has a normal length tail, the bobtail gene is almost never passed on to the offspring. Some 300 years ago, the Japanese Bobtail began to appear in wood prints, etc., and it is not regarded as an unusual breed in Japan, while its unique bobtail and exotic facial appearance make it very popular with cat fanciers around the world.



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