PatternA4 (9)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (5)


PatternLTR (9)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (5)


In medieval Europe, in the areas surrounding present-day Germany, there are records of a breed of dog called the Teckel that was bred for hunting purposes. The Teckel, with its long torso and short legs, is considered to be the ancestor of today’s Dachshund. With “dachs” meaning badger and “hund” meaning dog, the name Dachshund comes from what the breeds were originally developed for, which was to chase badgers and foxes down into their burrows. While today’ s Dachshunds are considered loveable domestic dogs everywhere, they used to be treated as hunting dogs in Germany, the country of origin. The classification of Dachshund breeds traces back to these hunting days. They are grouped according to the circumference of their chest to match the burrow size they can fit into, with the largest being the Standard (over 35 cm), followed by the Miniature (under 35 cm), and the smallest being the Kanichen (under 30 cm). They are also classified into three coat types: Smooth-haired, Long-haired, and Wire-haired. Dachshunds have friendly, lively qualities. They are loyal to their masters, patient, calm and when there is a visitor they will let their masters know by barking. Cleverness and an intelligent-looking facial expression also add to the appeal of the Dachshund. This Papercraft is a model of the standard-size smooth-haired Dachshund, the most orthodox type, and is approximately half the size of a real Dachshund.



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