PatternA4 (9)


Assembly InstructionsA4 (6)


PatternLTR (9)


Assembly InstructionsLTR (6)


The beagle is the smallest of all hounds, a type of dog used extensively for rabbit hunting in 15th century England. Rabbit hunting does not involve horses, and as the hunters moved on foot they needed a dog that could accompany them easily. Beagles are small enough to be carried around in bags, so they were of great use to hunters. Beagles are descendants of British hounds such as the blood hound, and have sturdy bodies despite their small size. Unlike other hunting dogs, they are usually used in packs, and are a breed of dog accustomed to being raised in groups. Beagles have a docile, patient, friendly temperament, making them perfect playmates for children too. This Papercraft Beagle is about one third the size of the real dog.



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